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0000667SiT!otherpublic2009-04-27 20:302010-02-25 21:53
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Summary0000667: Add bookmarks/favourites/short cuts within SiT
DescriptionWould be good if you could create shortcuts within SiT! (both user and system)

The reason I'm suggesting this is its not uncommon in organisations to have a rota system where calls are passed to for resolution. The person on 'rota' can change as often as twice a day (am/pm) upto weekly (I know of customers in both camps). In these cases the helpdesk/front line assign the call to the 'rota; queue which the on 'rota' engineer deals with the calls from.

The calls are not assigned to one engineer as the rota individual can change regularly and the help desk don't know who it is an the engineer going off rota doesn't want to find he calls from the rota calls and reassign them.

I know of a site which has several 'rota' queues on for systems, one for apps and another for networks

This all works in SiT as we would create a rota user and assign calls to them all I'm asking for is a way to create a short cut on a menu to these queues we would want admins to be able to 'force' short cuts into these queues and it would also be useful for the user to be able to add to these queues.

Escalations would not help in this case as in these cases the help desk don't need to stay upto date with whats going on and its not something there able to assist on as its oftern something they are not in a position to resolve.

I know the dashboard does quite abit of this though is not the best place to work from.
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related to 0000288confirmed Adding of shortcuts to the desktop 

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ivan (administrator)
2010-02-25 21:32

I think doing this as a dashlet as the related bug 0000288 suggests would be best
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paulh (administrator)
2010-02-25 21:49

Do you mean a dashlet for the bookmarks/shortcuts? Perhaps we we redo the menu we could have a user/bookmark/frequent section?
User avatar (0002499)
ivan (administrator)
2010-02-25 21:53

I think there's probably two things here, the ability to (a) bookmark commonly used SiT! menu items, and (b) another to bookmark external URL's.

For SiT! items the menu is appropriate, but for external URL's only a dashlet would be appropriate IMHO.

The user config stuff I'm working on would actually make (a) fairly easy to implement I think, so hold on off on coding this until thats complete, see bug 0000863

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