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0000694SiT!portalpublic2009-05-10 12:312012-01-24 13:13
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Summary0000694: directed context text in the portal
DescriptionWould be good if admins/people with appropriate permission are able to add additional text/HTML (directed content) into the portal so this could be used for either user facing notices (say opening times, tips etc) or adverts e.g. special price on toner etc this would have a multitude of uses which can direct relevant content to users (such as tips/tricks about the skill they log calls on), events which may be relevant to them e.g. PHP user groups training etc

It would be good to be able to direct these messages say the user is logging a call on RedHat 4 you could direct messages about upgrading to redhat 5 or have a notice informing people redhat 4 goes out of support on X
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User avatar (0001036)
ivan (administrator)
2009-05-10 13:19

Adverts?! Are you serious? ;)
User avatar (0001037)
paulh (administrator)
2009-05-11 09:42

Yeap I am. This is for the portal and alot of sites want to provide information to their portal users, be this notifications, information, promotionsor ads
User avatar (0001038)
ivan (administrator)
2009-05-11 15:08

We should make it easier to theme the portal more and offer plugin hooks. I think the wide range of things people might want to do with a support portal exceed our ability to deliver.

I certainly think adverts belong outside of SiT.

I think in most cases SiT will be used in conjunction with a website that will provide most of the information and notifications that are needed, it would only be the contract or site related information that could only be provided within SiT I should think. What kind of thing did you have in mind?
User avatar (0001043)
nicdev (developer)
2009-05-12 08:00

Hi Ivan/Paul,

I think you may need to start a thread in the forum on this one too....
User avatar (0001046)
paulh (administrator)
2009-05-12 15:48

I agree that SiT needs to be more theme'able though still feel that admin difinable text/html should be possible within the portal as most (if not all organisation) would like to place definable text with customer/user facing parts of the interface.

Having such an interface/ability would help techies sell SiT! to management etc

I'm not proposing that we put adverts into SiT though to add teh ability for admins to add additional text in a particular position on the interface.

i'm thinking notices (which could be ads) e.g.

* The helpdesks address is changing to xxx
* The helpdesk will be closed until lunch tomorrow due to training
* Machines free to a good home (etc)
User avatar (0001047)
kieran (administrator)
2009-05-12 16:21

I guess the easiest way to do this is to add an extra type on the notices table that only display to the portal?
User avatar (0001048)
paulh (administrator)
2009-05-12 16:34

That would would do it, perhaps we could change the orientation so that they can be stacked on either the left or the right as we've got quite alot of space in the portal

Also would be good so they where only persistant for the length of the session as you could have (potentially) hundreds stacked up
User avatar (0001049)
ivan (administrator)
2009-05-12 17:57

Apologies for not quite understanding what you meant. I didn't realise you meant ephemeral type notices like the notices in SiT interface proper I thought you meant more hardcoded text and banner ads that kind of thing.

How would you direct a notice to a particular site or even a particular contact? Is that the intention or would these be global notices to all portal users?
User avatar (0001050)
kieran (administrator)
2009-05-12 18:10

Not sure if that's what Paul meant or not but there's a userid already in the notices table, wouldn't be hard to add a siteid, or alternatively use the links table?
User avatar (0002576)
ivan (administrator)
2010-03-02 11:39

This idea needs further definition as to what is required and how it would work.
User avatar (0004425)
ivan (administrator)
2012-01-24 13:13

Plugin candidate. Probably a bit heavy for a core feature.

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