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    PReporterID UKĀ£ # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryTarget Version
  paulh0000343 1[Project plugin]
minorclosed (paulh)2010-03-04Clicking a job in the chart does not take you to that job
  paulh0000328 2[Project plugin]
minorclosed (paulh)2010-03-04by consultant view not working
  paulh0000315 1[Project plugin]
minorclosed (paulh)2010-03-04Close multiple tasks
  paulh0000234 1[Project plugin]
featureclosed (paulh)2010-03-04Should be able to assign consultant when creating task
  paulh0000233 2[Project plugin]
minorclosed (paulh)2010-03-04New tasks have scheduled start date of 1970
  paulh0000327 1[Project plugin]
minorresolved (paulh)2008-12-14Missing error checking on mysql_query2.0.3
  paulh0000232  [Project plugin]
minorresolved (paulh)2008-12-13Can add tasks against closed jobs2.0.3
  paulh0000231 1[Project plugin]
SiT! Integration
featureresolved (paulh)2008-12-13Should be able to link from site_details to that sites projects2.0.3


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