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    PReporterID UKĀ£ # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryTarget Version
  gigarun0001875 3[SiT!]
minorassigned (paulh)2014-03-04Default language3.68
  Frans0001902 2[SiT!]
plugin hooks
tweakresolved (paulh)2013-11-03Plugin contexts for incident_update.3.68
  nicdev0001888 1[SiT!]
inbound email
minorresolved (paulh)2013-08-24Inbound emails are not marked correctly as hidden from the portal3.68
  rvmilaan0001795 3[SiT!]
minorresolved (ivan)2013-07-06Input was expected to be numeric but received string3.68
  paulh0001831 1[SiT!]
inbound email
minorresolved (paulh)2013-07-06Missing seperator in To field if email sent to more than one email address3.68
  sancho78rus0001371 2[SiT!]
inbound email
minorresolved (paulh)2013-07-06Bad cirillic attachments names.3.68
  ivan0001275 2[SiT!]
inbound email
minorresolved (paulh)2013-07-06non-ascii characters in inbound email attachment filenames are corrupted3.68
  nicdev0001343 4[SiT!]
inbound email
majorresolved (paulh)2013-07-06Update incidents when emails arrive regarding "awaitng closure" incidents3.68
  ringram740001823 7[SiT!]
outbound email
minorresolved (paulh)2013-07-06First response email has slash in subject if incident was generated by incoming email with quote (') in subject3.68
  ringram740001822 14[SiT!]
crashresolved (paulh)2013-07-06Incident creation from inbound email fails when subject contains quote3.68
  johng0001424 5[SiT!]
minorresolved (paulh)2013-07-06LDAP service tries to disable a customer who is already disabled and fails3.68
  mpower0001498 6[SiT!]
majorresolved (paulh)2013-07-06Calendar displays wrong months3.68
  patogerman0001845 3[SiT!]
minorresolved (paulh)2013-07-06Fail to Show February3.68
  ivan0001711 2[SiT!]
crashresolved (paulh)2013-07-06Reopening an incident via an email with attachment orphans the attachment3.68
  sancho78rus0001242 2[SiT!]
sites & contacts
minorresolved (paulh)2013-07-06Admin contact can set site's type3.68
  Weibel730001876 1[SiT!]
minorresolved (paulh)2013-07-04No translate option3.68
  SLionB0001809 2[SiT!]
outbound email
minorresolved (paulh)2013-07-03CC and BCC recipients used in Templates are ignored by Email Triggers3.68
  dipohl0001843 2[SiT!]
majorresolved (paulh)2013-03-02LDAP-Sync: Disabling of contacts fails3.68
  Tomse0001835 1[SiT!]
plugin hooks
minorresolved (Tomse)2013-01-29Plugin hook for add new contact form needed3.68
  nicdev0001098 19[SiT!]
inbound email
majorresolved (paulh)2013-01-19Emails with .msg attachments import the messages as .jpeg3.68
  sancho78rus0001372 5[SiT!]
inbound email
crashresolved (paulh)2012-12-19Holding queue email attachments dont work.3.68
  ginorh0001815 2[SiT!]
sites & contacts
minorresolved (Tomse)2012-11-17Application Warning [512] received on contacts.php3.68
  jcrant0001817 3[SiT!]
sites & contacts
majorresolved (ivan)2012-11-03Send Password to User Blows away menu3.68
  flambot0001816 2[SiT!]
minorresolved (Tomse)2012-11-03file upload3.68
  gil555alp0001794 3[SiT!]
majorresolved (Tomse)2012-11-03Incidents uploaded files doesn't get any reference at the database3.68
  ivan0001813 2[SiT!]
minorresolved (paulh)2012-10-28Editing external engineer details does not appear in incident log properly3.68
  Tomse0001814 1[SiT!]
minorresolved (Tomse)2012-10-26Adding a template gives an error for clean_int()3.68


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