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0001107SiT!incidentspublic2010-02-25 12:332011-02-14 13:18
3.90beta1Current GIT 
0001107: The funtion "autocomplete()" does not work in incident_email page
When trying to add some autocomplete functionality to the "incident_email.php" script i noticed that the $pagescripts variable is not treated by the include file "". this means that we cannot use autoccomplete in any of the pages that use this header.

The script that includes the code for the autocreate to work is inside "" in line 87. Which means that autocomplete can only work when the normal html header is included.

I am not sure what the best solution is here, but i think we could included the same code into ""?
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2010-02-25 12:42   
I propose that we add the following code to "" at line 49:
// To include a script for a single page, add the filename to the $pagescripts variable before including
if (is_array($pagescripts))
    foreach ($pagescripts AS $pscript)
    echo "<script src='{$CONFIG['application_webpath']}scripts/{$pscript}' type='text/javascript'></script>\n";
    unset($pagescripts, $pscript);
**code end**

This is the same code as is currently in "" in line 87.

Let me know what you guys think and i can commit it to svn.

2010-02-25 13:42   
Hi Nico,

I'm not sure about adding this to 3.60 as this is intended to be a bug fix release only and I'm not convinced this is a bug,

2010-02-25 15:17   
Hi Paul,

I tend to agree with you, but i was not sure ... on the other hand as 3.6LTS will be long term it may be a while before we can add small things like plugin hooks etc ... For bigger changes i agree with you completely.

We are in the process of doing a whole bunch of small plugins and it would help greatly if we could add for instance, a few plugin hooks and this code proposed here. For us it is a bug, because the function 'autocomplete' does not work in all pages ;-)

2010-02-25 16:12   
Nope, no new features in 3.60. Sorry to be harsh, but if we open the gates a flood may result.
2010-02-25 16:13   
Also, I'm being even more harsh now, and I'm sorry!!! But please don't confirm your own bug reports, the confirmation step provides useful peer review.
2010-02-25 17:28   
Ivan, thats not harsh just a bit of justice.

I apologise for it seeming that i wanted to "skip" steps .. it was not done on purpose, just because i was in a rush and did not realise what i had selected
I put it here exactly because i was seeking your valuable peer review, before continuing...

and on a second point i apologise for putting 3.60LTS as the target version. I did not realise(not reading i guess) that features were blocked for 3.60.

I will pay closer attention next time .. and sorry if i offended anyone ;-)
2010-04-09 14:02   
Fixed in commit e9e8fe1