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0001156SiT!i18npublic2010-03-20 10:342011-06-18 11:26
3.90beta1Current GIT 
0001156: KB Article headings need i18n
In Bug 0001150 we identified that the section headings of KB Articles were not translated and this even caused a bug. We should get them translated.
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duplicate of 0001499closed Tomse section headers of kb_view_article.php isn't translated, though kb_article is 
duplicate of 0001272closed Tomse Static language in KB 
related to 0001150closed nicdev When editing a KB article - The "Additional information" headers is duplicated instead of updated 
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2010-03-20 14:10   
Reproed this with latest code.

Strings are alreadyed i18n'ed as shown on the page where the kb article is created, just when the article is shown then it displays the content type from the DB which isn't i8n'ed
2011-06-18 11:26   
fixed in git : a8a8046