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0001291SiT!triggerspublic2010-04-21 11:192011-02-14 13:18
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3.90beta1Current GIT 
By default a notice is generated when incidents are closed, the notice is sent to 'yourself' ie. {userid} == {$userid} which seems a tad pointless. If I closed it, I don't need a notification to tell me I closed it.

It could be that a previous version of SiT had different default rules because we have quite a few users with the rule

{userid} != {$userid}

Which is also pretty useless as this one notifies if any incident is closed by anybody except myself, a bit of a bombardment of irrelevant info.
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related to 0001290confirmed  Default user triggers aren't configurable 
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2011-02-12 18:03   
This rule appears not to be in the code, I think it was an old one from the initial triggers release, the current rule is more sensible.
2011-02-12 18:04   
There it is in the setup schema. We need to resolve how to set default triggers really.
2011-02-12 18:07   
Fixed in e587f0d - a proper solution will be in place for 3.90 though.