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0001296SiT!incidentspublic2010-04-23 14:112014-03-02 16:56
3.60 LTS 
Current SVN 
0001296: new incident added, text in description has returns converted to \r\n
when adding new incident, problems description containing returns, all returns are converted to "\r\n"
add incident,

make sure serveral lines of text are added, leave blank lines between a few of the lines
problem is due to "cleanvar($text);" being called in function new_update
\lib\' line 8096.

because cleanvar has already been called in \portal\add.php the second call converts returns to "\r\n"

    $text = cleanvar($text);

change to
    //$text = cleanvar($text);

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has duplicate 0001922resolved paulh New incidents added from customer portal contain \r\n (unfixed bug 0001296 from v3.60) 
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2010-08-21 17:46   
Can reproduce with latest SVN, steps

1) In customer portal create incident
2) View in portal you get "hello\r\n\r\nthis should\r\napparent\r\n\r\nincrease the number of lines"

when you view as a sit engineer all is fine
2014-03-02 16:56   
This was resolved in git over a year ago and now fixed in svn (r7595)