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0001346SiT!outbound emailpublic2010-06-17 11:172011-06-03 22:11
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3.61 LTS 
3.90beta1Current GIT 
0001346: Bad mail format
Outlook recieves mail in bad format. Cirillic is ok, but all text is in one narrow column. See attache.
In The Bat! its ok.
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2010-06-17 11:49   
Could you try sending a mail from your SiT! installation to test[at]sitracker[dot]org ? I can take a look at the raw mail format. Thanks.

2010-06-17 11:59   
2010-06-17 13:12   
Need to investigate this further, but on first glance it appears as if the text in the raw email is being word-wrapped after the quoted-printable encoding rather than before.
2010-06-25 19:52   
may be it helps...
as you can see on the picture text formats in one column. and sometimes every string ends with "="
2010-08-27 14:25   
I was asked by Tomse (Sit Developer) to post some info here. I've a situation that is probably related to the bug described here.

I've been using SiT 3.61 for some time now. We recently upgraded oud Groupwise 7.03 (Linux) mailserver to Groupwise 8.01.
After this, we noticed that some lines were broken of at an incorrect point and in these cases an '=' sign appeared.

At the suggestion of Tomse we've tried to let SiT use postfix and then relaying over the Groupwise Internet Agent. The '=' signs disappeared but still, the lines are ended at random points.

Hope this helps and hope you can help me.
2011-01-06 17:53   
quoted-printable encoding really doesn't seem to work well with some email clients, line breaks seem to be in the wrong places. Base64 encoding seems to work better. I think we should have a config variable for choosing encoding and line feed type.
2011-01-11 09:07   
Tom has reported this when the mail is received in gmail
2011-06-01 14:29   
We've talked to another user who used groupwise, it seems Base64 is better for groupwise than quoted-printable.

so a setting is most definately useful.
2011-06-01 17:03   
is there some workaround now?
our mails looks bad for most our clients.
2011-06-01 17:47   
hello sancho78

in line 551 (of v3.63p1) of incident_email.php you can try and change quoted-printable to base64 see if that works for you :-)
2011-06-02 11:50   
fixed in git: a59d062 and ddfac8b - added a config page to switch between QP or base64
2011-06-03 11:49   
it does not help.
the mail format is still like on screenshot.
please help...
2011-06-03 15:40   
try replacing it in lib/ file too search for quoted-printable, and the line should look the same as what you saw in incident_email file
2011-06-03 15:41   
Marking it fixed again, as this is fixed for v3.90 and not 3.6x
2011-06-03 22:07   
Added a screenshot from gmail of an email sent to SiT! with russian text. This is from 3.90 (git) with the outgoing mail settings quoted-printable and LF.