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0001458SiT!feedbackpublic2011-02-14 13:592013-05-04 14:38
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3.90beta1Current GIT 
0001458: [META] Working feedback system
Meta bug to track improvements to the feedback system
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parent of 0001396resolved Tomse Feedback form HTML broken 
parent of 0001195resolved Tomse Ability to opt out of feedback forms 
parent of 0001188resolved Tomse Browse feedback does not show any info on options of type "options" 
parent of 0000945resolved Tomse Feedbacks should be enabled pr site. 
parent of 0000608resolved  Add and edit feedback different appearance 
parent of 0000061resolved Tomse Obtain feedback via the portal 
parent of 0001539resolved Tomse Feedback browse page doesn't show options/multioptions, only text and ratings 
parent of 0001460resolved Tomse Wrong counting feedback 
parent of 0001561resolved Tomse Calculation error on feedback report 
parent of 0001599resolved paulh statistics page shows wrong feedback stats 
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