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0001509SiT!otherpublic2011-05-11 10:082011-07-17 14:25
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0001509: SiT! 3.6x should refuse to run with 3.9x/4.x database schema
SiT! 3.6x should refuse to run with 3.9x/4.x database schema. We should print a message/warning advising an upgrade.

This is to prevent downgrades from 3.90/4.x to 3.6x because I suspect that will cause problems.
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2011-05-27 19:23   
Agree, this should probably be eben more generic in that sit shouldn't run with a newer schema i.e. sit 4.0 can't run with a 4.1 schema
2011-05-31 12:40   
today we have a table "system" with a sit version, a suggestion to add a schema version to this table since it's not always that the schema is updated when a new version of SiT is updated.

how are your opinions on this ?
2011-05-31 19:37   
Thats an interesting point and brings us back to 1080 which is overhauling the schema.

One thing I proposed was decoupling the schema version from that of SiT though views where mixed. I'd like to get away from how we currently handle schema as its a real pain if your running a dev version though we've not managed to come up with a clean way of doing it yet that doesn't add become unworkable, if you have any thoughts let me know
2011-05-31 20:38   
My initial thought/idea was adding a schema version for the release version of SiT if there was a change.
i.e. 3.40 for SiT v3.40, and since there was no schema change from SiT v3.40 to v3.41 the schema version would still be v3.40 (hope it makes sense)

but in regards to dev version perhaps it should be incremental, kinda like when upgrading dashlets.

this is the overview.. the mechanics behind could become "complex", by each change in the database you'd also have an according section in the schema-setup, this would make schema-setup messy in accord to alphabetical order, but much easier to do when upgrading and/or adding new database changes, since it would basically just be "add a new line to the end of the file"

I'm wondering if we should put this on the agenda for our next meeting ?
2011-07-17 12:20   
Added a message to 3.64

"IMPORTANT: The SiT! database schema has been updated for use with later version of SiT! than is currently running, you are likely to experience instability. Please upgrade to SiT! 3.90 or later."

The explicitly checks for schema 3.90 or later. I think we could definitely handle this better in future. I'm reluctant to say that any later schema cannot be used though because in the majority of cases that's not much of a problem.

SVN r7240

2011-07-17 14:25   
Fix released in version 3.64 available now