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0001607SiT!otherpublic2011-06-16 21:552011-06-22 17:51
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0001607: Saving the same name on site_types.php causes error
if you edit a site type, and save the same name, it says failed.

it might be a wrong choice of wording as a user might misinterpret the message.
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related to 0001606resolved Tomse edit site type page doesn't show existing values 
related to 0001612resolved paulh you can add "" as a name to site_types 
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2011-06-17 10:09   
I can reproduce this, if I edit a site type to have the same name as an existing site type I get a failed message but no form error.

It is possible to create site types with the same name using the New Site Type link, even multiple site types with no name.