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0001674SiT!billingpublic2011-08-06 16:492013-07-06 17:09
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0001674: Per incident billing charges per unit
Even when a contract is set to use per incident billing the Activities menu on an incident shows to record time (and units) spent and recording activity causes the contract to be billed per-unit.
With a contract that has only one service record and that service is set to "per incident" I created an incident.

I then went to activities and started/edited and stopped an activity.

I then closed the incident and went to approve the billing.
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duplicate of 0001854resolved paulh Per incident billing does not work 
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2011-08-06 16:53   
Also if I repeat the experiment but don't add any activity at all before closing the incident it doesn't show for billing approval at all.
2013-04-01 15:47   
Looks like we never wrote the code for per incident, I've stared to refactor the code to make it possible
2013-04-21 19:22   
342a0ec adds this functionality