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0001676SiT!billingpublic2011-08-08 11:562013-07-06 17:03
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0001676: Activity page "Duration" column is wrong/misleading
When using Activities to record time spent for billing purposes the Activity summary page on an incident shows a column for "Duration" which doesn't show the different between start and completed times as one would expect but actually shows the amount of time that is to be billed based on the customer unit setting in the SLA.
Unfortunately because this is calculated per-row the value shown in the duration column can be incorrect, for example two activities marked complete after one minute should show a total billable time of 1 unit, instead each row shows a duration equal to one unit making a total of 2 units. This disagrees with the Activity Billing section shown below.

See screenshot.
1) Start an activity and mark it complete more or less immediately.
2) Start another activity and mark it complete ore or less immediately.
3) Look at the activities page.
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2011-08-08 11:57   
I would expect the top column to show Duration as "1 Minute" for both activities, since the top section is showing a summary of the activities as they happened and the bottom section is the one that should be showing how that is billed.
2011-08-13 19:29   
Agree, this is weird, believe this was something Kieran implemented and there was (what seemed liked a good) reason at the time for showing it this way but have no idea what it is now
2013-05-04 18:23   
9184bd4 resolves this by showing minutes