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0001864SiT!contractspublic2013-04-23 21:152013-04-24 20:48
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0001864: No easy way to browse expired contracts
Since we default to not showing expired contracts there is no easy way to browse expired contracts which makes finding a contract abit harder
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2013-04-24 19:48   
This was deliberate as there's now a user setting to hide/show inactive data. But perhaps disabled/expired data should still be shown for a period regardless of the setting. Discuss.
2013-04-24 20:48   
I like the cleaner reduced clutter new view though it is useful to occasionally see old contracts (especially if they have just expired) I think there should be an option to show expired contracts on this page so you can do it as a one off option rather than have to change your setting etc.

I've had instanced in the past where I've wanted to browse through all expired contracts for various reasons so such an option would be useful.

The other confusing thing is that this new functionality only seems to have been implemented in contracts and not else where (see linked bug).

My vote is to add an option to see expired data