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0001944SiT!outbound emailpublic2014-06-06 21:582014-06-15 18:27
3.67 LTS 
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0001944: Program error in incident_email.
The size-check has a program error.
2014-06-06T12:51:05-03:00 incident_email.php Warning [2] trigger_error() expects at most 2 parameters, 3 given (in line ... of file incident_email.php)

Between size and filesize : has a comma instead of a point.
I checked in version 3.90 and I found the same error present in this file.

// Check file size before sending
if (filesize($filename) > $CONFIG['upload_max_filesize'] || filesize($filename) == FALSE)
    trigger_error("User Error: Attachment too large or file upload error, filename: {$filename}, perms: ".fileperms($filename).", size:", filesize($filename), E_USER_WARNING);
   // throwing an error isn't the nicest thing to do for the user but there seems to be no way of
   // checking file sizes at the client end before the attachment is uploaded. - INL
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2014-06-15 18:25   
Cheers Frans, good spot
2014-06-15 18:27   
efa9e07 and r7597 resolve this, many thanks again Frans