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0001970SiT!inbound emailpublic2015-11-05 18:192017-07-04 10:25
3.67 LTS 
0001970: SIT inbound e-mail system issue
The issue is related to SIT inbound e-mail system because we do not receive emails in SIT queue from last 4th Wednesday afternoon (2:30 pm).

Sending e-mails from SIT (outbound e-mail system) is still working OK.

If we send an email to "" (SIT inbound e-mail), the e-mail not reach to SIT queue.

Incident Support Tracker version: 3.67 p2.
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This is appears to be more of an issue for the forum, I'm sorry that it's taken years for you to get a reply - the developers of SiT! have been mostly absent for a long time. I hope you finally found a resolution.