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0000039SiT!inbound emailpublic2008-07-11 17:112013-07-06 13:55
3.90beta1Current GIT 
0000039: Show email from date
For incoming emails the date stored in SiT is the date/time that emails
arrived. It would be nice to also show the date emails were sent. i.e. the
from date.
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2008-12-04 12:00   
Confirming. The update should have the correct time should it not? We can use that if so.
2011-02-21 17:08   
I did some work on this for 3.90
2013-07-06 13:54   
3.90 shows the date that the email arrived (if available) or the update timestamp if it's not (for example emails already in the queue at the time of upgrade).

We don't show the email from date, gonna leave that till a future version as I want to improve other email inbox features first.