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0000411SiT!incidentspublic2009-01-16 14:092011-02-14 13:18
3.90beta1Current GIT 
0000411: Ability to send/forward the entire case history to another person internal or external
sometimes we have to refer to others in the company, and we need to forward (directly from the incident window) the entire case history for review, because the R&D engineering team do not have access to our tracking system.

and the same can be said for sending to outside engineers or even the production engineer in the factory.

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duplicate of 0000289closed  Ability to include whole incident log in an email template 
related to 0000624resolved kieran Incident Update Email Template to include the latest update made 
child of 0000010assigned ivan [META] Basic Escalations 
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2009-05-11 15:56   
This will be possible once we add the appropriate template variable. as discussed.
2009-12-04 09:56   
Not really sure of the benefit of this, could be useful in external escalations though suspect its better to send only the pertinent details rather than everything as otherwise you could end up sending lots of irrelevent/confusing details
2009-12-04 10:13   
It would probably need to be restricted to only the information that is "customer visible". I also see it being potentially confusing but if it's something that somebody needs I'm all for adding it.
2010-04-10 21:17   
Added in git commit [^]

Can be used via the {updatetext} trigger variable. By default it will include one update, adding a trigger parameter e.g. 'numupdates = 5' will add 5 and 'numupdates = -1' will add all (use with caution!)