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0000048SiT!otherpublic2008-07-11 17:292011-09-04 12:45
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4.2 & Later 
0000048: [META] Deleting of data
Mostly for integrity reasons, it's currently not possible to delete quite a few different types of data within SiT.

Some records allow you to mark inactive, disabled or terminated or similar but there is no standard way to permanently remove data from SiT.

We need to come up with a consistent way of both temporarily removing (hiding) and removing data.
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parent of 0000044confirmed  Allow Users to be deleted 
parent of 0000043resolved paulh Allow products to be marked as terminated/disabled 
parent of 0000058confirmed  Delete confirmation should show dates/user 
parent of 0000115confirmed  Let portal users delete their account 
parent of 0000891confirmed  Ability to delete contracts 
parent of 0000904confirmed  can't delete product questions 
parent of 0001600confirmed  Ability to delete a billing matrix 
parent of 0001605confirmed  No interface to delete resellers 
parent of 0001609confirmed  No interface to delete site types 
parent of 0001611confirmed  No interface to delete vendors 
parent of 0001675confirmed  Abilty to delete escalation paths 
parent of 0001707confirmed  Ability to delete feedback questions 
parent of 0001709confirmed  Ability to delete KB Articles 
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