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0000681: Skype field on user profile
We have added a extra field in to the users db, in order to use this enhancement add the field by hand in the users table.

Field name: skype (type: varchar(100))

Files are in the zip-archive

This enhancement is because in Europe, Skype is one of the most used communication applications.

(Icons are includes for the kdeclassic, oxygen and sit theme and are only 16x16px)

Enhancement based on build (v3.50 svn5217)
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zip (11,323) 2009-05-01 14:57
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2009-05-02 11:27   
Hi Bonkie,

Thanks for feature request it ties in quite nicely with something Ivan and I where discussing the other day in that where currently limited to MSN, AOL and ICQ.

I propose that we have an additional table say with a structure of userid,contacttype,contactdetails this would allow as few or as many as the user has
2009-05-04 10:06   
Hi Paulh,

I think its a good idea that the users of SiT! can define thier own contact structure. So the system is more flexible.
2009-05-04 10:23   
Might be useful to be able to define the types of contact on the config page?
2009-05-04 12:14   
i think that should be done. because you dont want to let the clients make thier own contact types. But only the staff / administrators.

Else it will be very chaotic...
2011-06-17 10:04   
this is fixed in git : 8ef625ff