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0000744SiT!sites & contactspublic2009-06-20 18:232009-06-20 20:16
0000744: Template for design of contact login names
Today when an admin creates a contact, the contact login name is taken from the surname+sql_id.

a request on a template for designing how the usernames should be generated.

some options

First letter of firstname and lastname + eventual counter
Carsten Jensen = CJ or CJ1

X number of letters in the company name with x number of numbers autoincrementing
company name = datamann
result = da0001

wordnumber in companyname added with autoincrement
eg companyname = datamann
wordnumbers 1+5
result = dm0001

the template for usernames could eventually be setup from the site page, so it could be different how 2 companies could look like even with the almost same amount of spellings.

or a tag (shortend word) for each site name..

just some ideas :-)

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