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0000777SiT!calendarpublic2009-07-16 11:232010-03-27 16:43
4.2 & Later 
0000777: Calendar Feature request for 4.x
Here are some ideas for improving the calendar for SiT 4.x

The Calendar becomes personal (atleast for the technical staff) where they have their private appointments and their public appointments.

The calendar can be shared with co-workers, defining read/write permissions
Perhaps a sharing with customers (but the customer sees everything as "away" only, except if the engineer has an assignment for the customer, then it's viewable).

An notice/warning x minutes/hours/days before an appointment

Sync between the personal calendar and eg Evolution, Thunderbird/Lightning via eg xmlrpc, ICal, WebDav and similar. I don't know how the Iphone can sync with these technologies, but since it's advancing in the marked, it would be a good idea to have in mind a sync to this device (and perhaps others if they make a standard).

The customer/site has a Calendar of it's own.
Eg if a sparepart has been ordered for an incident this can be but in the calendar for arrival.

National Holidays can be imported from a file.

Calendar events can be created repeatedly
* every day
* every day @ 12:00
* every monday
* every 2. in the month
* every first friday
* every first/second/third/last monday in this month a year (special holidays like easter)

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