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0000863SiT!configpublic2009-08-15 13:262013-01-05 15:23
0000863: [META] User preferences/config table
A database table to store user preferences. We have already said that we will do this but I can't find it logged so here we are.
A similar table is also needed for contacts so maybe the two could be the same table?
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2010-02-21 21:01   
I'm working on this in my git branch here [^]

assuming I don't bork it up while trying to learn git ;)
2010-02-28 18:41   
User preference table with "My Settings" form pushed to sit master Git 2e207f6
26 Commits
2011-02-10 18:12   
Need a way to handle user defaults better
2013-01-05 15:23   
Some work done on this for 3.90, rest bumping to 4.0