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0000879SiT!incidentspublic2009-08-16 14:372011-05-13 16:45
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0000879: incident_add.php finds incorrect details
When searching for a contact to log the incident against it can bring back the person you search for plus others, with completely different names, will post examples in a moment as a private note
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related to 0001040resolved ivan Unable to add incident when contacts name is in Cryillic 
parent of 0001097acknowledged  User preference to turn off SOUNDEX searching 
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2010-02-20 11:21   
Maybe we should have an option to turn soundex on/off ?

To me your example seems perfectly valid they do kinda sound similar. (to me at least)
2010-02-20 16:02   
Not really sure they sound the same to me though obviously it is to SOUNDEX

Could be useful to have an option to turn it off?
2010-02-28 17:52   
SOUNDEX should only be enabled for English languages so we should check the configured system language (and possibly user language too?) before using this. As well as a user setting.
2011-05-13 16:36   
Git e2a3dbc resolves this by only using SOUNDEX when English is configured as a system language.