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0000901SiT!triggerspublic2009-08-25 14:442009-10-15 21:56
0000901: Issue closing incident notification to contact
When I close an incident with the option "Mark for closure" and select notify contact as well there are two emails being sent to the contact. The first one is the correct email as the contact should receive, which says the incident is being marked for closure and the time specified in the email to respond before final closure is definite.

The second email, which is simultaneously being sent with the first email, says the incident is being closed definitely. This can't be right as the review period for the highest priority is set to 5 days. Is this a bug or could I have set something in my configuration to make this happen. I can reproduce it with a new incident as well.

Here are the triggers that are listed (I didn't changed them by the way):
- Send an email based on a EMAIL_INCIDENT_CLOSED_CONTACT template. Rules: ( {notifycontact} == 1 ) AND ( {awaitingclosure} == 0 )

- Send an email based on a EMAIL_INCIDENT_CLOSURE template. Rules: ( {notifycontact} == 1 ) AND ( {awaitingclosure} == 1 )

Gr. Alex
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Fixed in git, will be in 3.50. [^]