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0000977: KB browse shows wrong owner
When browsing the list of KB articles it shows "sit" as the author though when you click on the article it shows the engineers name
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2009-10-09 09:40   

I can confirm this one, it it is the same since 3.45 and still is there in 3.5RC3.
2009-10-09 10:03   
Paul i have found the issue but it is a bit deeper than this.

It seems that after changing to 3.45, we changed the way we wrote the author to the database, and the author name is stored directly in the DB instead of his 'id' thus the script cannot find him (it looks for an id).

I will investigate more as to why but for now a quick solution would be to directly access the DB and manually change the name to the users id.

2009-10-09 10:16   
Fixed in SVN Revision 5931.

Fix is to kb_article.php as it was pushing the user's real name to the DB which is why the list displayed it incorrectly.

**Note: Any KB articles created since v3.45 need to verified in the DB, and if the realname is found, it should be changed to the userid
2009-10-09 12:59   
We decided it would be best to make the list display correctly without asking anyone to modify the DB.
2009-10-09 13:02   
Fixed this in Branches 3.x (Revision 5932) in SVN.

I have tested on my side. Can anyone confirm it is now fixed?
2009-10-11 16:45   
Cheers Nicdev, I can confirm that this does fix the issue.

Thanks again, Paul