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0001492SiT!incidentspublic2011-04-19 11:552011-06-17 17:50
Assigned ToTomse 
PlatformLinuxOSLinuxOS Version2.6+later
Product Version3.62 LTS 
Target Version3.90beta1Fixed in VersionCurrent GIT 
Summary0001492: Duplicate information on incidents list page
DescriptionWhen I have the incidents list open I see the following two lines at the bottom:
9 Incidents
There are 9 incidents in this list

This information is redundant and doesn't really help the user. Especially the message "There are 9 incidents in this list" is at the top of the table as well.

My recommendation is that both messages at the bottom are taken away. If someone really wants to know this then he/she can scroll to the top of the table again. This is not really something that every user will need to know.
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User avatar (0003983)
Tomse (developer)
2011-06-14 22:22

can confirm this in git
User avatar (0003993)
Tomse (developer)
2011-06-14 23:09

ups.. we are at a feature freeze, retargeting to 4.0
modir (reporter)
2011-06-14 23:27

Nice to see that there is something going on. But I was wondering why this is considered a "feature". There is no new functionality coming. So it will not break backward compatibility in any way.
User avatar (0003996)
Tomse (developer)
2011-06-14 23:34

you are right, its actually not even a feature, as it's just text

I'll talk to ericthefish about this tomorrow
User avatar (0003998)
ivan (administrator)
2011-06-15 09:16

I'm not so sure about confirming this one, unless we make it a user option. Those two messages were specifically requested by users with a lot of incidents who find it useful to know how many are in their queue.
modir (reporter)
2011-06-15 09:49

Hi Ivan, We have now 3 times the same information on this page. This request is only about removing 2 of them. The users still have the option to see how many tickets are on the queue.
User avatar (0004021)
ivan (administrator)
2011-06-15 23:37

Sorry I didn't spot that it was the all incidents view. I agree with you now I've seen it.
User avatar (0004039)
Tomse (developer)
2011-06-17 17:50

fixed in git : 7a6f054

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