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0000439SiT!contractspublic2009-01-26 15:002010-03-27 12:31
Assigned Toivan 
PrioritynormalSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Target Version3.60 LTSFixed in Version3.60 LTS 
Summary0000439: Editing admin contact changes expiry date to a day early
DescriptionChanging the admin contact on a site with an expiry date of 30 Jun 2009 sets the expiry date to 29 June 2009 looks like another ldate issue
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User avatar (0001531)
ivan (administrator)
2009-08-15 09:43

I can reproduce this in trunk svn r5756
User avatar (0002516)
paulh (administrator)
2010-02-27 11:35

I've had another look at this, can't reproduce it was days in feb or march though if you set a contract to expire 30th June it sets it to 29th, if you then edit the admin contact it goes to the 28th and so on

Could be something to do with daylights savings?
User avatar (0002517)
ivan (administrator)
2010-02-27 11:56

Yeah pretty sure it's a daylight savings issue. There's an hour difference which is making it 23:00 the day before or something like that I think.
User avatar (0002519)
paulh (administrator)
2010-02-27 12:11

Yeap it is, its being passed in 2010-06-26, strtotime is converting this to 1277506800 which is

GMT: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 23:00:00 GMT
Your timezone: Sat 26 Jun 2010 00:00:00 BST
User avatar (0002732)
Tomse (developer)
2010-03-19 15:16
edited on: 2010-03-19 15:42

after having done some extensive testing with timezones and dst, I can confirm that the problem is DST.

date() has a I (capital i) flag that is DST aware.

using this we can modify the date/time before presenting it to the user.
the correct date is stored in MySQL, but it isn't compensated when returning the date to the user.

ericthefish mentioned modifying utc_time() to be dst aware.

after modifying this, we need to do some extensive testing.

holidays.php has been modified by adding 12 hours, as a workaround on this same kind of problem. but doing so will add a day if the user sets his/her profile to be UTC+14.

just as a reminder..
there probably should be a check whether the server is in the southern or northern hemisphere when calculating DST, since when we add one hour, the southern subtract one hour, ie time difference between Denmark and Brazil in the summer is 5 hours, but in the winter only 3 hours.

User avatar (0002735)
ivan (administrator)
2010-03-20 10:06

3.x svn r6280 adds a DST adjustment and 3.x svn r6282 allows this to be configured. I'm not sure whether this fixes things since my patch only adjusts for system time DST not user time DST. Needs some testing.
User avatar (0002736)
ivan (administrator)
2010-03-20 10:18

Reminder to self, change the display output back to date, rather than date time
User avatar (0002752)
ivan (administrator)
2010-03-20 16:15

3.x svn r6280 appears to have resolved this.
User avatar (0002847)
ivan (administrator)
2010-03-23 21:45

Fixed in git a7e584a

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