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0000868SiT!otherpublic2009-08-15 15:252010-03-27 12:30
Assigned Toivan 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product VersionCurrent SVN 
Target Version3.60 LTSFixed in Version3.60 LTS 
Summary0000868: Hovering help text is overlapped by mouse cursor
When hovering above a link that gives a help text, makes the help text appear beneath the mouse cursor.

Some places where there the link is wide one can move the mouse to the side, but it's alittle more problematic when hovering above the ? help texts.
On places where links are listed above eachother, you are not able to choose the link below, since the help text overlaps there (example RSS on the dashboard)

perhaps it would be a good idea (if possible) to have the text boxes realigned to the lower-right of the mouse cursor, and have the text move with the cursor (if it's possible)

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ivan (administrator)
2009-09-17 17:06

I'm sorry I've left this so long before replying because I bet you can't remember now. :-(

But could you give an example of a place where this happens. There is already some code to move the tips box in some circumstances but this is difficult to do (for me at least). If I can see where it's causing a problem I'll see what I can do.
User avatar (0001986)
Tomse (developer)
2009-09-17 17:09
edited on: 2009-09-17 17:12

EDIT: when hovering above a link makes the mouse cover the first 2 letters on the tooltip.

you can reproduce this simply by putting RSS at the dashboard and hover above a link.

User avatar (0001989)
Tomse (developer)
2009-09-17 17:18

just remembered more about it now..

when you move the mouse from top to bottom on the RSS feeds on the dashboard, the tooltip covers the links below the link you are hovering over.

the way to be able to read the feeds are to move the mouse from the bottom and up.

this is only a minor inconvenience, but thought I should mention it.
User avatar (0001990)
ivan (administrator)
2009-09-17 17:22

Thanks, I should be able to find it from that.
User avatar (0002061)
Tomse (developer)
2009-10-04 12:21

Found another place where it is an inconvenience,

just hover above the links in the scheduler.php
User avatar (0002406)
Tomse (developer)
2010-02-20 17:41

Workaround for unreadable text added in SVN 6093
User avatar (0002685)
ivan (administrator)
2010-03-14 16:02

Fixed in 3.x branch of svn r6244

Fixed in Git sit:master e913ef1

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